Transatlantic Rebels: Agrarian Radicalism in Comparative Context

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November 2004



This collection by an international array of historians examines agrarian radicalism in comparative context from 1500 to the present. What unifies the studies presented here is a shared interest in the ways in which agrarian people in the Atlantic world interacted with each other, transmitted and translated ideas, developed new crops or methods, or formulated critiques of the existing social, economic, and political order. All agree, to varying extents, that the Atlantic world is best conceptualized not as a rigid barrier between nations, peoples, and cultures, but rather a frontier, a permeable space with eddies and currents of ideas, cultivars, and human beings, And, as these essays indicate. "radicalism" can be found not only in the political realm, but also in the rate and extent of social, economic, and environmental change.


Agricultural Dynamics of the Columbian Exchange, Susan Sleeper-Smith; Rural Protest on Prince Edward Island in Transatlantic Context: From the Aftermath of the Seven 'Years' War to the 1840s, Rusty Bitterman; The U.S. as a Postcolonial State, 1789-1865, Thomas Summerhill; 'The Yoke of Improvement': Sir John Sinclair, John Young and the Improvement of Scotland's, New and Old, Daniel Samson; Threatening Pardos: Pardo Republicanism in Colombia, 1811-1830, Marixa Lasso; Crossings: Thomas Devyr and the American Fate of British Agrarianisms, John Reeve Huston; "Primitive Christianity" and "Modern Socialism": Thomas W. Woodrow and Agrarian Socialism, David A. Y. O. Chang; Radical Rhetoric, Repressive Rule: Sindicato Power in the Atlixco (Mexico) Countryside in the Early Twentieth Century, Gregory Crider; Seeds of Subversion?: A New World Plant and Agrarian Change in Two Peasant-based Empires, 1500-1999, James McCann; Transatlantic Travails: German Experiment Stations and the Transformation of American Agriculture, Louis Ferieger; Drylands, Dust Bowl, and Agro-Technical Internationalism in Southern Africa, Sarah T. Phillips


Thomas Summerhill is Assistant Professor of History at Michigan State University; his latest work, Harvest of Dissent: Agrarianism and Capitalism in Nineteenth-Century New York, is forthcoming in 2004. James C. Scott is the Sterling Professor of Political Science and Professor of Anthropology and Director of Agrarian Studies at Yale University. His most recent book is Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed.

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