The Logic of Regional Integration: Europe and Beyond

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Juni 1999



Examines regional integration in Europe and other regions, providing a new framework for the study of international cooperation.


1. Introduction; 2. A review of theoretical approaches to integration; 3. Explaining regional integration; 4. Integration in Europe; 5. Integration outside Europe; 6. Conclusion; Index.


'The historical and geographical sweep of The Logic of Regional Integration is very impressive - ranging from the nineteenth-century German Zollverein to the contemporary European Union to Mercosur and beyond. But Mattli's finest achievement is coupling this empirical depth with a rigorous, parsimonious and persuasive thesis. His central argument that economic disparities between insiders and outsiders drive regional integration is a major contribution to the debate about this important phenomenon.' Geoffrey Garrett, Yale University 'By combining a political economy approach with an historical and comparative perspective, Mattli offers a stimulating and thorough analysis of regional integration. His book is a major contribution to the understanding of one of the most challenging phenomena of our time.' Yves Meny, European University Institute
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