Information Seeking in Electronic Environments

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In the computer age, it is essential for individuals to develop skills and strategies for manipulating, storing, and retrieving electronic information. This book considers how electronic technologies have changed these skills and strategies and augmented the fundamental human activity of information seeking. Writing from the point of view of the user rather than the computer, the author makes a case for creating new interface designs that allow information seekers to choose what strategy to apply according to their immediate needs. Such systems may be designed by providing information seekers with alternative interface mechanisms for displaying and manipulating multiple levels of representation for information objects. This book is multidisciplinary in approach and aims to bridge the perspectives of information science, computer science and education. It will be essential reading for researchers and graduate students in these fields.


Information and information seeking; 2. Information seekers and electronic environments; 3. Information-seeking perspective and framework; 4. Foundations for personal information infrastructures: 5. Information-seeking knowledge, skills, and attitudes; 6. Analytical search strategies; 7. Browsing strategies; 8. Designing support for Browsing: 9. A research and development perspective; 10. The continuing evolution of information seeking; 11. Future directions and conclusion.


'Marchionini has drawn together a number of important threads from the field of human-computer interaction. This is a scholarly work which contains a considerable depth of discussion ... it will certainly repay careful study.' Managing Information
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