Understanding European Foreign Policy

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Dezember 2000



A broad ranging introduction to European foreign policy looking at the extent to which a concerted approach is emerging at EU level, the extent of Europeanization of National Foreign Policy and the theoretical issues posed for theories of foreign policy and international relations more generally.


Europe and the World.- Making Sense of Europe's Global Role.- External Relations: Community Foreign Policy.- European Political Cooperation.- From EPC to CFSP: Union Foreign Policy.- The Europeanization of National Foreign Policies: The Case for Britain.- Security and Defence: Towards a Common Defence Policy?.- After Maastricht and Amsterdam: A Common European Foreign Policy?.- European Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Analysis.- Bibliography.-Index.


Brian White


'Charting a path through complicated theoretical and substantive issues with great skill and clarity, Brian White's book provides the first systematic assessment of European foreign policy from the perspective of Foreign Policy Analysis. It will be, for good reason, essential reading for students of either.' - Professor Christopher Hill, London School of Economics
'This is an ideal textbook for undergraduate and graduate students of European politics.' - Jan Zielonka, Political Science Quarterly
'In all, the book is a valuable addition to the literature on foreign policy in Europe.' - International Journal
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