RF and Microwave Power Amplifier Design

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August 2004



Provides a tutorial on radio frequency and microwave power amplifier design, teaching the circuit design techniques that form the microelectronic backbones of modern wireless communications systems. This book is suitable for self-study, corporate training, or Senior/Graduate classroom use.


<H4>PREFACE <H4>ACKNOWLEDGMENTS <H3>Chapter 1: Two-Port Network Parameters <H3>Chapter 2: Nonlinear Circuit Design Methods <H3>Chapter 3: Nonlinear Active Device Modeling <H3>Chapter 4: Impedance Matching <H3>Chapter 5: Power Transformers, Impedence Transformers, and Directional Couplers <H3>Chapter 6: Power Amplifier Design Fundamentals <H3>Chapter 7: High Efficiency Power Amplifier Design <H3>Chapter 8: Broadband Power Amplifiers <H3>Chapter 9: Power Amplifier Design for Communication Systems <H4>INDEX


Andrei Grebennikov is a principal design engineer with M/A-COM, a division of Tyco Electronics. He has taught at the University of Linz in Austria, the Institute of Microelectronics in Singapore, and the Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics. He currently teaches the seminar on which this book is based as part of the annual International Microwave Symposium.


This tutorial presents all the relevant information required for RF and microwave power amplifier design, including well-known and new theoretical approaches, practical design techniques, and suggestions for design approaches combining analytical calculations and computer- aided design. Grebennikov, the principal design engineer at M/A-COM, not only provides the latest strategies, he also introduces old approaches that are still viable in modern practice. The topics covered include two-port network parameters, nonlinear circuit design methods, impedance matching, and broadband power amplifiers. The text is illustrated with nearly 300 detailed diagrams and extensive references for every chapter.
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