Authority and Markets: Susan Strange's Writings on International Political Economy

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Susan Strange was one of the pioneers of the modern study of international Political economy and had a major impact on the way we now understand the global political economy. Always thoughtful and accessible, often contentious, sometimes highly provocative, for over thirty years she asked the key question of political economy; who benefits? This book brings together from a wide range of sources her most significant attempts to answer this question. It represents both an overview of Strange's thought and an important substantive analysis of international political economy.


Authority and Markets: Interpreting the Work of Susan Strange; R.Tooze & C.May PART
I: PERSONAL VALUES I Never Meant to be an Academic, 1989 Prologue: Some Desert Island Stories, 1988 PART
II: MONEY, CREDIT AND TRADE A New Look at Trade and Aid, 1966 Protectionism and World Politics, 1985 Finance, Information and Power, 1990 The Structure of Finance in the World System, 1994 Finance in Politics: An Epilogue to Mad Money, 1998 PART
III: AUTHORITY AND MARKETS IN THEORY AND PRACTICE The Persistent Myth of Lost Hegemony, 1987 Towards a Theory of Transnational Empire, 1989 States, Firms and Diplomacy, 1992 Who Governs? Networks of Power in World Society, 1994 PART
IV: ENGAGEMENTS International Economics and International Relations: A Case of Mutual Neglect, 1970 What is Economic Power and Who Has It?, 1975 Cave! Hic Dragones: A Critique of Regime Analysis, 1982 Territory, State, Authority and Economy: A New Realist Ontology of Global Political Economy, 1997 PART
V: CONCLUSIONS? The Westfailure System, 1999 Bibliography Index


ROGER TOOZE is Visiting Professor of International Political Economy at Bristol Business School. He is Susan Strange's literary executor. CHRISTOPHER MAY is Senior Lecturer in Economics and Social Science at the University of the West of England, Bristol.


'Susan Strange has over a long and distinguished career made a formidable impact on the related fields of International Relations and International Political Economy. I can confidently predict that this volume will quickly become a staple of IR and IPE reading lists...and that as a consequence the legacy of Susan Strange will very rightly be passed on to the next generation of students.' - Randall Germain, Senior Lecturer in International Politics, The University of Wales, Aberystwyth 'Susan Strange was a truly original thinker, who challenged much of the conventional academic assumptions in the many fields she touched...I strongly recommend this book both to decision makers and to all students of International Political Economy.' - John Stopford, Professor of International Business, London Business School '...scholars stretching from international relations and political science to economics and business strategy would be delighted to see the evolution and breadth of Susan Strange's thinking on international affairs contained in one volume.' - John H. Dunning, Emeritus Professor of International Business, University of Reading 'The editors are to be commended for gathering the most influential of Susan Strange's pioneering essays together in this fascinating collection that demonstrates just how much, and in what ways, contemporary IPE has been influenced by her work.' - Richard Higgott, Professor of International Political Economy, University of Warwick 'It is a tribute to Professor Strange's memory and a tremendous service to political economists on both sides of the Atlantic to have her major articles collected in a single volume.' - Jonathan Aronson, Professor, School of International Relations, University of Southern California 'Susan Strange was an influential and respected scholar...This book sustains and reinforces her rightful place as a powerful and insightful analyst of the International Political Economy.' - Jeffry A. Frieden, Department of Government, Harvard University
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