Movie Crazy: Fans, Stars, and the Cult of Celebrity

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November 2002



While the impact that legendary actors and actresses have had on the development of the Hollywood film industry is well known, few have recognised the power of movie fans on shaping the industry. This books redresses that balance, and is the first study of Hollywood's golden era to examine the period from the viewpoint of the fans. Using fan club journals, fan letters, studio production records, and other previously unpublished archival sources, Samantha Barbas reveals how the passion, enthusiasm, and ongoing activism of film fans in Hollywood's golden era transformed early cinema, the modern mass media and American popular culture.


Introduction From Reel to Real The Cult of Personality The Chance of a Lifetime The Inside Scoop The Movie Star Fan Club The View from Hollywood The Fandom Menace Conclusion


SAMANTHA BARBAS received her Ph.D. in American history from the University of California at Berkeley. She currently teaches in the Interdisciplinary Studies Program at Arizona State University.


Reviews for the hardback edition 'A unique film history with astute commentary.' Library Journal 'With this book in hand, we can begin to understand what is popular in American popular art.' Lary May, author of The Big Tomorrow: Hollywood and the Politics of the American Way 'I loved this exploration of the synergism between fans, stars, studios, and the celebrity and consumer cultures in Hollywood's Golden Age. Movie Crazy is a revelation.' Diana McLellan, author of The Girls: Sappho Goes to Hollywood 'Movie fans will appreciate the story of celebrities, fans, studios, stars and film producers...' - Deland (FL) Beacon
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