Ain't She Sweet?

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Februar 2005



Sugar Beth Carey, the wild child of Parrish, Mississippi, has come home, and the town isn t too happy about it. She made quite a few enemies when she was a girl; from her secret half-sister who always wanted Sugar Beth s boyfriend to the teacher she had fired in an attempt to attract her father s attention. While her father s wealth and prestige made her the town princess back then, now the tables have turned for penniless Sugar Beth. She arrives in Parrish to find that everyone else is living her life. Her half-sister has married her high school sweetheart and the teacher she had fired has become a successful novelist who owns Sugar Beth s childhood home. Is there any way Sugar Beth can right old wrongs and make Parrish into the home she s been longing for?


Susan Elizabeth Phillips lebt mit Mann und zwei Söhnen in der Nähe von Chicago.
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