An Introduction to Mill's Utilitarian Ethics

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April 2015



John Stuart Mill was the leading British philosopher of the nineteenth century and his famous essay Utilitarianism is the most influential statement of this philosophical approach. Henry West's introduction to utilitarianism serves as both a commentary to, and interpretation of, the text.


Introduction; 1. Mill's life and philosophical background; 2. Mill's criticism of alternative theories; 3. Qualities of pleasure; 4. Was Mill an act- or rule-utilitarian?; 5. Sanctions and moral motivation; 6. Mill's 'proof' of the principle of utility; 7. Utility and justice; Appendix. An overall view of Mill's Utilitarianism.


'... offers a sophisticated exposition, interpretation and defense of Mill's moral theory that will be understandable to any literate reader. It is readable and fair, judicious and original.' David Lyons, Boston University 'The book will be particularly valuable to students interested in Mill's ethical theory. But it should be of interest to Mill scholars and to the general reader who wishes to understand the foundations of ethics.' C. L. Ten, University of Singapore
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