History of Germany

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November 2004



Even a brief glance at the maps of what has, or might have, been called Germany through the ages reveals a kaleidoscope of alterations in shape and composition. Though there are elements of continuity, the history of Germany has been the history of nearly constant change. In this concise introduction to Germany's fascinating past, Peter Wende provides an approachable historical interpretation of the key periods and turning points from Roman times to the present. Wende shows that, throughout the course of 2000 years, German history is actually the history of many Germanies, and that it can be written neither just as the history of a region nor of a political, ethnic or cultural formation. Focussing on key points in Germany's political, social and economic development, this guide is ideal for all those with an interest in the complex and compelling history of one of Europe's main nation-states.


Origins and Beginnings
Medieval Germany
Reformation Germany
The Thirty Years' War
Eighteenth-Century Germany
Industrialisation and Social Change
Prussia's Germany
Weimar Germany
Hitler's Germany
Two Germanies
Epilogue: Today's Germany
Framework of Events
Selected Further Reading


Peter Wende, geboren 1936, Professor für Neuere Deutsche Geschichte an der Universität Frankfurt am Main, ist seit 1994 Direktor des Deutschen Historischen Instituts in London.
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