A Practical Guide to CCD Astronomy

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September 2007



High-performance charged-couple device (CCD) cameras have opened up an exciting new window on the Universe for amateur astronomers. In their complete guide to choosing and using CCD cameras, the authors explain what determines camera performance and demonstrate how to use a CCD camera and accurately calibrate the images obtained. The book is packed with practical tips, review of software available, and more. Illustrations & photos.


Foreword; Preface; 1. CCD equipment for astronomy; 2. CCD camera characteristics and performance; 3. Image production; 4. Display and image analysis functions; 5. Image processing functions; 6. CCD applications in astronomy; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


'With high-performance CCD cameras opening up an exciting new window on the Universe, this book for amateur astronomers provides a timely self-contained guide on how to choose and use them.' Spaceflight 'The book is well laid out, with much to hold the attention of amateurs who are involved in digital imagining techniques ... I would recommend it to the practical CCD user.' Kevin Sweeney, Astronomy and Space '... covers everything from mundane but vital considerations such as precautions against frost, to the mathematics of image restoration and astrometry. As well as a guide to using these instruments, the concise format, clear diagrams and illustrations make it a handy and concise reference book.' Sue Bowler, Astronomy and Geophysics '... the comprehensive text is commendable ... a book for all CCD enthusiasts at any level of experience.' Maurice Gavin, The Journal of the British Astronomical Association 'In conclusion, this book hits the spot and has a large amount of useful, practical information for amateurs who have a basic understanding of CCDs.' Webb Society Deep Sky Observe
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