The Cinema of Satyajit Ray: Between Tradition and Modernity

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September 2007



Cooper's study of Satyajit Ray examines his work from a social and historical perspective.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Introduction; 1. Between wonder, intuition and suggestion: Rasa in Satyajit Ray's The Apu Trilogy and Jalsaghar; 2. From gazes to threat: the Odyssian Yatra (journey) of the Ray woman; 3. The responses, trauma and subjectivity of the Ray Purush (man); 4. Satyajit Ray's political version of the doubly colonized; 5. From newly discovered Margins: Ray's responses to the center; Notes; Selected bibliography; Filmography; Index.


"Well-informed descriptions of Indian society and history contextualize the author's careful presentation of each film's plot and hist well-grounded comments about the fim maker's stylistic decisions. Cooper writes lucidly enough that even upper-division undergraduates can make use of the book...an excellent jumping-off point for future studies of Ray's cinema." Choice "...is clearly an important contribution to our knowledge of Satyajit Ray's films... The great strength of the book is that it provides an innovative and detailed analysis of many of Ray's films, and anyone with an interest in Ray should read this book. In addition, it adds an important dimension to cinema studies and will, therefore, be useful to anyone who is interested in world cinema." Herman Van Olphen, Journal of Asian Studies
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