Causes and Consequences of Feelings

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Looks at how good and bad feelings arise, and how they can affect thought and actions.


1. Introduction; 2. Feelings: their nature and causes; 3. More on the causes of feelings: appraisals and bodily reactions; 4. Influences of feelings on memory; 5. Personal traumas and memory; 6. Feeling effects on judgments and decision making; 7. Feelings, persuasion, and motivation; 8. Feelings and social behavior.


"A masterful review and integration of the major findings and issues in the field. It is sheer joy to see the founder of a field give us his wise, thoughtful overview and state-of-the-art views." Gordon Bower, Stanford University "...this volume presents a readable and generally thorough overview...Berkowitz provides a reasonable, fair treatment of a wide range of relevant research findings in lucid, accessible prose. Recommended, particularly for undergraduates in courses involving cognition and emotion." Choice "engagingly written and thoughtful book...I have voiced, this is a good book. Psychologists who want to introduce topics in thier classroom related to the effects of general affective states on cognitive process will find this a rich source of issues and lecture materials." Contemporary Psychology APA REVIEW OF BOOKS 2001
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