Bilingualism in Development

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April 2001



Describes how intellectual development of bilingual children differs from that of monolingual children.


1. Faces of bilingualism; 2. Starting with one language; 3. And adding another; 4. Language in the mind; 5. Thinking about language; 6. Linking to literacy; 7. Beyond language; 8. The extent of the bilingual mind.


'One of the main strengths of this book is the author's very thorough approach to surveying research in these areas ... A second substantial strength of this book is the clarity and confidence with which it is written. The author handles a potentially bewildering range of material assertively and guides the reader through challenging areas without patronizing or assuming too much prior knowledge.' Child Language Teaching and Therapy '... a thorough and readable account of aspects of cognitive and linguistic development in bilingualism ...'. Child Language Teaching and Therapy 'Ellen Bialystok writes in an accessible way, clearly presenting evidence from research and theories.' Debate
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