James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism

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August 2001



In this book Jean-Michel Rabate approaches the Joycean canon through the concept of 'egoism'.


Foreword; 1. Apres le mot, le deluge: the ego as symptom; 2. The ego, the nation and degeneration; 3. Joyce the egoist; 4. The aesthetic paradoxes of egoism: from egoism to the theoretic; 5. Theory's slice of life; 6. The egoist and the king; 7. The conquest of Paris; 8. Joyce's transitional revolution; 9. Hospitality and sodomy; 10. Textual hospitality in the 'capital city'; 11. Joyce's late modernism and the birth of the genetic reader; 12. Stewardism, Parnellism and egotism.


'Jean-Michel Rabate is one of our most original, wide-ranging and informed of Joyce critics, and his new study lives up to the very high standards of his earlier work. The range of topics in James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism is typical of Rabate's searching intellect which is constantly finding nuggets of relevant information.' Derek Attridge, University of York 'James Joyce and the Politics of Egoism, a work of extra ordinary breadth and perceptiveness, makes for fascinating reading. Rabate's sophistication, his intellectual range, and his generous tolerance for different critical and theoretical approaches combine to produce a major contribution to the study of Joyce (and of modernism). Modernism/Modernity
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