Euthanasia, Ethics and Public Policy: An Argument Against Legalisation

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A consideration of the 'slippery slope' objection to voluntary euthanasia, including a review of the Dutch experience.


Part I. Definitions: 1. 'Voluntary euthanasia'; 2. Intended v. foreseen life-shortening; 3. 'Physician-assisted suicide'; Part II. The Ethical Debate: 4. The value of human life; 5. Respecting the good of autonomy; 6. Legal hypocrisy? 7. The 'slippery slope' argument; Part III. The Dutch Experience: 8. The guidelines; 9. The first survey: the incidence of euthanasia; 10. Breach of the guidelines; 11. The shift toward condonation of NVE; 12. The second survey; 13. The Dutch in denial? Part IV. Australia and the United States: 14. The Northern Territory: ROTTI; 15. Oregon: The Death with Dignity Act; Part V. Expert Opinion: 16. Expert committees; 17. Supreme Courts; 18. Medical Associations; Part VI. Euthanasia by Omission; 19. The Tony Bland case; 20. The BMA guidance; 21. The Winterton Bill; Part VII. Conclusions: 22. Conclusions; Afterword: the Diane Pretty case.


'... undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive critiques of euthanasia and, serves as a necessary counterbalance to the growing number of pro-euthanasia contributions. ... Lawyers and non-lawyers alike with an interest in end-of-life issues will therefore find this a stimulating addition to their undoubtedly well-stocked libraries.' New Law Journal 'John Keown's informed and powerful argument against euthanasia features both an excellent exposition of its pitfalls and a strong confrontation with a question that remains controversial abroad: Are there circumstances in which withdrawal of treatment should be considered euthanasia? The power of Keown's argument holds your interest while making you think. The lucidity of Keown's logic make this book a provocative and important contribution to the ethical and public policy issues involved in end-of-life care.' The Hastings Center Report '... the latest offering from John Keown ... succeeds admirably, rewarding anyone who takes the time to chew through it carefully with food for thought to titillate even the most refined intellectual palate ... The reader ... having taken the trouble to read Euthanasia, Ethics and Public Policy shall undoubtedly be better informed ... Keown has produced a well-structured, deeply ethically penetrating analysis of the issues, which also manages to be a thoroughly stimulating read. the book is to be welcomed as a most significant contribution to the debate.' Medical Law Review 'Keown's clarity of thought explodes myths and beats an accessible path through a detailed jungle of morality and social history.' British Medical Journal 'Keown ... has produced what is the best book in print on the case against the legalisation of euthanasia.' The Tablet '... written in a moderate and reasoned tone and in a manner easily understood whether you are a health care professional, lawyer, politician or just an interested member of the public ... required reading for anyone who intends to make a public statement in the euthanasia debate.' Roger Woodruff, International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care Newsletter 'A veritable tour de force through the controversies apparent in the modern euthanasia debate ... reads easily and coherently. ... it really does offer a comprehensive ethical and legal analysis of the main arguments from both sides of the debate.' Bulletin of Medical Ethics
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