Low-speed Aerodynamics

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Low-speed aerodynamics is important in the design and operation of aircraft flying at low Mach number, and ground and marine vehicles. This text offers a modern treatment of both the theory of inviscid, incompressible, and irrotational aerodynamics, and the computational techniques now available to solve complex problems. A unique feature is that the computational approach--from a single vortex element to a three-dimensional panel formulation--is interwoven throughout. This second edition features a new chapter on the laminar boundary layer (emphasis on the viscous-inviscid coupling), the latest versions of computational techniques, and additional coverage of interaction problems. The authors include a systematic treatment of two-dimensional panel methods and a detailed presentation of computational techniques for three-dimensional and unsteady flows.


1. Introduction and background; 2. Fundamentals of inviscid, incompressible flow; 3. General solution of the incompressible, potential flow equations; 4. Small disturbance flow over three-dimensional wings: formulation of the problem; 5. Small disturbance flow over two-dimensional airfoils; 6. Exact solutions with complex variables; 7. Perturbation methods; 8. Three-dimensional small disturbance solutions; 9. Numerical (panel) methods; 10. Singularity elements and influence coefficients; 11. Two-dimensional numerical solutions; 12. Three-dimensional numerical solutions; 13. Unsteady aerodynamics; 14. The laminar boundary layer; 15. Enhancement of the potential flow model; Appendices.


'This is a thoroughly modern and up-to-date high level academic textbook on theoretical low-speed aerodynamics, aimed at the advanced undergraduate or Masters level ... Highly recommended.' Dr J. F. Henderson, Aeronautical Journal 'A superb, helpful reference.' Current Engineering Practice '... a significant contribution to the aerodynamic literature. Several of my students have been able to begin their research careers in aerodynamics by reading and digesting this book. It is certainly a significant contribution to modern aerodynamic theory and numerical computation of aerodynamics flows over both simple 2-D and complex 3-D shapes.' Journal of Fluids Engineering
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