The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain, Volume I: Industrialisation, 1700-1860

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The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain is a comprehensive account of the economic history of Britain since 1700, based on the most up-to-date research. Roderick Floud and Paul Johnson have assembled well-known international scholars to produce a set of volumes which serve as a textbook for undergraduate students as well as an authoritative reference guide to the subject.


Introduction Roderick Floud and Paul Johnson; 1. Accounting for the industrial revolution Joel Mokyr; 2. Industrial organisation and structure: families, institutions, risk and trust Pat Hudson; 3. British population during the 'long' eighteenth century, 1680-1840 E. A. Wrigley; 4. Agriculture during the industrial revolution Robert C. Allen; 5. Manufacturing and technological change Kristine Bruland; 6. Money, finance, and capital markets Stephen Quinn; 7. Trade: discovery, mercantilism and technology C. Knick Harley; 8. Government and the economy, 1688-1850 Ron Harris; 9. Household economy, 1688-1850 Jane Humphries; 10. Living standards and the urban environment Hans-Joachim Voth; 11. Transport Simon Ville; 12. Education and skill of the British labour force David Mitch; 13. Consumption in eighteenth century and early nineteenth-century Britain Maxine Berg; 14. Scotland T. M. Devine; 15. The extractive industries Roger Burt; 16. The industrial revolution in global perspective Stanley L. Engerman and Patrick K.O'Brien.


Roderick Floud is Vice-Chancellor of London Metropolitan University. Paul Johnson is Professor of Economic History at the London School of Economics.


'The Cambridge Economic History of Modern Britain has all the hallmarks of a mature textbook.' Economic History Review '... these volumes are the best available economic history of modern Britain. They demonstrate not only the vitality of the subject but its fundamental importance and relevance.' History
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