Jews and Gender in Liberation France

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Taking a new view of France during and after the German occupation, this book challenges traditional chronology concentrating on the Vichy government. It punctures standard interpretations dividing occupied France into resisters and collaborators and explores the resistance concept of an ideal Frenchwoman by using interview material to contest the standard view. French demographers' post-liberation enthusiasm for Nazi population policy, women in the city, and the widespread fervor for the family are also examined. The significance of race--specifically Jewishness--and gender is emphasized throughout this study.


List of illustrations; Abbreviations; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction: the long liberation; 2. Narrating liberation; 3. Anticipating liberation: the gendered nation in print; 4. Limiting liberation: 'the French for France'; 5. Controlling liberation: Georges Mauco and a population fit for France; 6. Liberation in place: Jewish women in the city; 7. Conclusion; Notes, Bibliography; Index.


Karen Adler is Research Fellow, Department of History, University of Nottingham.


'Karen Adler has written an interestingly subversive book on the liberation of France ... This is a broadly researched and scholarly book ... lucid and passionate text.' History 'Jews and Gender in Liberation France offers a compelling and highly convincing account of the gendered and racialized structures of assimilationism in occupied and liberated France ... Adler's argument is persuasive, rooted in details analysis of a number of historical sources, and lucidly expressed.' French Studies
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