Policies for Diversity in Education

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"Policies for Diversity in Education" is the second volume in the "Learning for All" series published by Routledge. The emphasis here is on the coordination of practice in schools, regional and national policies, and the power and interest groups concerned with educational difficulties and disabilities. Beginning with a review of the location of power in the systems--including government bodies, voluntary societies, and the unions--it moves to focus on one threatened element of that power structure, the local education authority. Using case material, "Policies for Diversity in Education," explores the experience of families in their relationships with professionals, and looks at examples of changing school policies and the practices that have arisen from them. The final sections offer an important forum for discussion on policies and practices in education after school, and on theories of integration and disability. This reader, one of two texts developed for use in courses on special education needs, offers a new approach to learning and teaching by portraying a coherent picture of the lives of individuals and the ways in which their experience of education can be improved.


Introduction Tony Booth Part I Inclusive Schools 1. Under the Walnut Tree: The Grove Primary School Tony Booth 2. A Curricular Response to Diversity at Whitmore High School Christine Gilbert and Michael Hart 3. Planning School Development Christine Gilbert 4. Finding a New Place: Changes in Role at Ormerod Special School Tim Southgate 5. Moving In and Moving Out: The Closure of Etton Pasture Special School Roger Kidd 6. Challenging Patriarchal Culture Through Equal Opportunities: An Action Research Study in a Primary School Sheila Cunnison Part II Integrating Services for the Under Fives 7. Provision for the Under Fives: Bringing Services Together Kathryn Riley 8. Attempting to Integrate Under Fives: Policy in Islington 1983-1988 Margaret Boushel, Claire Debenham, Lisa Dresner and Ann Gorbach 9. Community Play Veronica Hanson Part III Life After School 10. An International Perspective on Transition John Fish 11. The Rhetoric and Reality of Transition to Adult Life Jenny Corbett and Len Barton 12. Supporting Special Needs in Further Education Maureen Turnham 13. A Hard Journey in the Right Direction: Experiencing Life Beyond an Institution Linda Shaw Part IV Experience of Families 14. Fools and Heretics: Parents' Vies of Professionals Chris Goodey 15. Ruled Out or Rescued? A Statement for Balbinder Elizabeth Grugeon 16. On Being a Client: Conflicting Perspectives on Assessment Derrick Armstrong and David Galloway 17. Supportive Parents for Special Children: Working Towards Partnership in Avon Ronnie Broomhead and Philip Darley Part V Integration and Disability 18. My Story Judy Watson 19. Internalized Oppression: How it Seems to Me Richard Rieser 20. The Integration Alliance: Background Manifesto Micheline Mason 21. The Concept of Oppression and the Development of a Social Theory of Disability Paul Abberley 22. Disability as a Social Construct: The Labelling Approach Revisited Marten Soder 23. Integration, Disability and Commitment: A Response to Marten Soder Tony Booth Part IV Aspects of National Policy 24. Local Management of Schools and Special Education Tim Lee 25. Special Education Funding for Children with Severe Disabilities in Alberta Nancy Marlett and Denise Buchner 26. A Curriculum for All: A Hard Task for Some Margaret Peter 27. A Union View of Special Education Policy Shirley Darlington 28. Empowering the Voluntary Sector: The Campaign for Policy Change Mairian Corker 29. Settling the Score: Responses to Young Deviants Mel Lloyd-Smith Part VII Local Authority? 30. Voices Behind the Statistics: Personal Perspectives on Special Education in Cornwall Chris Onions 31. Reviewing Provision for Special Education in Avon Tony Kerr 32. Integration Policy in Newham, 1986-1990 Linda Jordan 33. Challenging Behaviour Support Paul Howard 34. A Changing Learning Support Service Mary Newton 35. Working as an Educational Psychologist Tim Jewell 36. Welcome to Newham! Defining Services to Parents Claire Debenham and Simon Trotter List of Contributors


." . . in these days of the national curriculum with its dry texts and sterile prose it comes as something of a relief to read something about the school curriculum and education policy which is both lively and intelligent and based upon carefully thought through experience or "the joys, troubles and conceits of experience in education" as the editors put it."
-Stephen J. Ball, "Times Higher Education Supplement, May 1, 1992
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