The Economic History of Britain Since 1700

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August 1994



An economic history of Britain since 1700, in three volumes by 39 eminent historians and economists, this book will succeed the first edition of 'Floud and McCloskey' (published in 1981) as the leading textbook on its subject. The text has a firm economic basis, but emphasises the historical context and chronology and is written in straightforward and jargon-free English. It will appeal particularly to first and second year university students, but is also suitable for anyone interested in the history of the British economy. Volume 3 considers the period since 1939, that of relative economic decline and of increasing involvement with the European Community.


Introduction to First Edition Roderick Floud and Deidre McCloskey; Introduction to second edition Roderick Floud and Deidre McCloskey;
1. The wartime economy, 1939-1964 Peter Howlett;
2. Economic policy and performance, 1945-1964 Sir Alexander Cairncross;
3. Economic policy and performance, 1964-1990 Sir Alexander Cairncross;
4. Success and failure: British economic growth since 1948 Charles Feinstein;
5. Industrial and commercial performance since 1950 Robert Millward;
6. The economic consequences of the state ownership of industry, 1945-1990 Leslie Hannah;
7. Employment and unemployment Stephen Broadberry;
8. Money and monetary policy in Britain, 1945-1990 Susan Howson;
9. British economic policy since 1945 Jim Tomlinson;
10. The welfare state Paul Johnson;
11. British economic decline since 1945 Barry Supple.


"...a kaleidoscope of great scholarship." William P. Kennedy, Times Higher Education Supplement
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