Witness Against the Beast: William Blake and the Moral Law

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November 2007



First paperback edition of one of E. P. Thompson's best and most deeply felt works.


Foreword Christopher Hill; Introduction; Part I. Inheritance: 1. Works or faith?; 2. Antinomianisms; 3. The 'Ranting' impulse; 4. The polite witness; 5. Radical dissent; 6. A peculiar people; 7. Anti-hegemony; Appendix 1. The Muggletonian archive; Appendix 2. William Blake's mother; Part II. Human Images: Introduction; 8. The new Jerusalem Church; 9. 'The Divine Image'; 10. From innocence to experience; 11. 'London'; 12. 'The Human Abstract'; 13. Conclusion.


'Everything characteristic of the late E. P. Thompson - his clarity, humanity, and breadth of learning - is present in this book.' Financial Times 'The book stands as a tribute by an outstanding historian to an idiosyncratic genius.' Literary Review 'Thompson speaks to us once more in his highly individual voice through the pages of this vital and challenging work.' Tribune 'This book should go onto every undergraduate's reading list.' Evening Standard 'A stunning, undoubtedly major work.' Anarchist Studies
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Untertitel: 'William Blake and the Moral La'. Revised. Sprache: Englisch.
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