Heterosexual Politics

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Juni 1995



This text illustrates the diversity and excitement of debates about sexuality in women's studies and feminism today, and points to new paths for feminist analysis, thinking and action. In particular, heterosexuality can no longer be taken for granted and must be explicitly addressed.


Part 1 Analysing (Hetero)sexuality: Gender and heterosexuality: A Materialist Feminist Analysis; Back to Basics: Heterosexuality, Biology and Why Men Stay on Top; British Sex Tourists in Thailand; Prostitution: Problematising the Definition. Part 2 Media Discourses of Sexuality: "Freedom From" or "Freedom to"...? Contemporary Identities in Women's Magazines; Hetero-sensibilities on the "Oprah Winfrey Show"; "Women Warriors" - Representations of Women Soldiers in British Daily Newspaper Photographs of the Gulf War. Part 3 Practising Sexual Politics: Writing Women's Friendship: An Intimate Experience?; Journeying with Jeanette: Transgressive Travels in Winterson's Fiction; Lesbian Studies: An Opportunity Not to be Missed; The Micropolitics of Women's Studies: Feminism and Organisational Change in the Academy; Self Preservation: Feminist Activism and Feminist Jurisprudence.
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