Shakespeare's Legal Language: A Dictionary

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This encyclopedia-style dicitonary explores early modern social life, legal thought, and the interactions within Shakespearean drama.>


Series Editor's Preface; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; Introduction; A - Z of Shakespeare's Legal Language; Bibliography of Sources as Cited; Index of Shakespeare Passages, Scenes, Works; Index of Legal Terms and Concepts


B. J. Sokol is Professor at Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK Mary Sokol is Honorary Research Fellow withThe Bentham Project at University College London, UK. She is a qualified lawyer and the co-author of Shakespeare, Law and Marriage (CUP).


"In Shakespeare's Legal Language: A Dictionary", B.J. and Mary Sokol employ a dictionary format to account for language in the plays that relates to English law in Shakespeare's day. Explanations of the legal meaning and history of terms draw largely upon standard legal histories. In most entries, these extended definitions are followed by an overview of the terms' appearances or significance in the plays; relevant legal and Shakespearean scholarship is then cited or summarized, and extensive cross-references guide readers through networks of related terms. At the end of the volume, there is an index of legal terms and concepts, an index of the plays that indicates where defined terms occur in each play, and a bibliography of the scholarship cited in the entries. The book emerges as a comprehensive... cross among dictionary, concordance, and annotated bibliography."- Helen Anna Borrello, The Shakespearean Apocrypha: A Publication of the Shakespeare Yearbook"--Sanford Lakoff
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