Coaching with Colleagues: An Action Guide for One-To-One Learning

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This is the first serious, rigorous book about coaching which is deeply rooted in a long and varied therapeutical tradition and at the same time translates insights from that tradition into clear and crisp models for practical application in modern coaching practice. The book refers to well-known coaching approaches in business and devotes more attention than usual to internal coaching practices. It is a distinct, rigorous yet accessible guide to coaching approaches and practice.


I: CONTEXT FOR COACHING Conversations with a Wide Scope Holding Conversations to the Square Millimeter Structure and Organisation of Coaching Conversations Entering and Ending the Coaching Relationship PART
II: APPROACH TO COACHING Historic Roots and Summary of Approaches Directive Coaching: Structuring with an Objective Counselling Coaching: Monitoring the Coachee Analytical Coaching: Searching for Insight Paradoxical Coaching: Moving with Defences Coaching Methodology Choosing the Right Method PART
III: REFLECTION ON COACHING The Competence of the Coach Learning Through Coaching The Organisation Coach Limits on Coaching with Colleagues Appendicies


ERIK DE HAAN is a Senior Consultant at Ashridge Consulting at Ashridge Management School. He was previously a consultant in The Netherlands and researcher at the University of Utrecht. The Dutch edition of his book, Learning with Colleagues has been a bestseller in The Netherlands and he has also written a book on the importance of Shakespeare's King Lear for managers. YVONNE BURGER is Director of Sioo Business School in The Netherlands.


'Essential reading for all concerned with this important, and growing, area.' - Long Range Planning ' this book brings together a rigorous academic approach from traditional therapeutic disciplines and modern, practical applications as developed in contemporary coaching methods...it is a useful academic contribution to the body of work on this developing topic.' - Nigel Harris, AccountancyWEB
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