Business Creativity: Breaking the Invisible Barriers

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Oktober 2004



Many companies and organizations have found it difficult to develop creative skills. The authors argue that while individuals have inherent creativity there are a number of assassins or barriers that block individual creative development. This bold new approach to creativity enhancement will focus upon how to remove this block of barriers and create conditions under which creativity can flourish.


Introduction BOOK
1: Don't Need Creativity Thought Assassin
2: I Should be Practical, Reasonable and Rational Thought Assassin
3: Decent, Sensible People Will Agree with Me Toward Freedom: Freedom in Art BOOK
II: TOWARD THE EDGE Thought Assassin
4: Suppress All Provocative Thoughts Thought Assassin
5: I Don't Want to Have to Get to Know You Thought Assassin
6: Never Ask Thought Assassin
7: What Invisible Defense Shields? Thought Assassin
8: I Can Conform From Nine-to-Five and Still be a Non-Conformist Toward Freedom: A New Brainstorming Model BOOK
III: LETTING GO Thought Assassin
9: Letting Go Means Losing Thought Assassin
10: I'm Not Afraid of Other People Thought Assassin
11: Everyone has Inhibitions Thought Assassin
12: I Can't Make a Difference Accepting Vulnerability Expansion of Personal Freedom The Immense Advantage of Being Able to See Other Perspectives Toward Freedom: Roots and Wings


ARTHUR GOGATZ is Associate Professor at the University of Nancy, France, Visiting Professor at the City University of Hong Kong and National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam and Associate Professor at the University of Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. He is a former New York advertising art director/creative director/account executive. He has written newspaper articles on creativity in business and motion picture screenplays. REUBEN MONDEJAR is Associate Professor at the City University of Hong Kong where he is Director/Programme Leader on the Master's Programme in Global Business Management. He was formerly Tutor in Southeast Asian Studies at Harvard University and Associate of the Center for International Affairs at Harvard, USA. He has held visiting academic appointments at Balliol College, Oxford and St Edmund's and Wolfson, Cambridge, UK. He was visiting fellow at the IFO Research Institute, Munich and Kiel Institut fur Welwirtschaft in Germany. He is a regular commentator and analyst for international news providers including CNCB, Star TV Asia, BBC and CNN.
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