How Might We Live? Global Ethics in the New Century

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April 2007



The essays help us ponder the most profound question in world politics today: who will the twenty-first century be for?


Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; Foreword Christopher Hill; Introduction: how might we live? Global ethics in a new century Ken Booth, Tim Dunne and Michael Cox; 1. Individualism and the concept of Gaia Mary Midgley; 2. Bounded and cosmopolitan justice Onora O'Neill; 3. Globalization from above: actualizing the ideal through law Philip Allott; 4. A more perfect union? The liberal peace and the challenge of globalization Michael W. Doyle; 5. International pluralism and the rule of law Terry Nardin; 6. Towards a feminist international ethics Kimberley Hutchings; 7. Contested globalization: the changing context and normative challenges Richard Higgott; 8. Universalism and difference in discourses of race Kenan Malik; 9. Does cosmopolitan thinking have a future? Derek Heater; 10. Individuals, communities and human rights Peter Jones; 11. Thinking about civilizations Robert W. Cox; Index.


'This is an impressive, comprehensive treatment of what international relations theorists have learned throughout the 'hot peace' decade that followed the cold war. Self-described realists remind us of the importance of remembering Marx, the social scientist, in this era of triumphal capitalism. Putative Marxists restate the relevance of Kant, the historian and ethicist, in a world in which depoliticizing postmodernists question the substance of triumphal liberalism. And scholars across paradigms emphasize the centrality of classical theorizing to the conflict and inequality of the current world.' Craig N. Murphy, M. Margaret Ball, Professor of International Relations and Chair, Department of Political Science, Wellesley College
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