Common Breast Lesions: A Photographic Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

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Oktober 2003



This photographic color atlas provides a step-by-step guide to the differential diagnosis and treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the breast. Organized around primary patient complaints, the atlas provides a multidisciplinary review of the respective techniques of the clinician, radiologist, pathologist, surgeon, and reconstructive surgeon. Coverage includes proper clinical examination, diagnostic and interventional radiography, diagnostic pathology, surgical biopsy, excision of benign lesions, mastectomy, breast conservation surgery, and reconstructive surgery. Clinicians will find this guide invaluable in diagnosing and treating the most common cancer affecting women today.


Part I. Reasons for Breast Consultation: 1. Benign tumors; 2. Malignant tumors; 3. Pain; 4. Symptoms of the nipple areola complex; 5. Skin symptoms; Part II. Multidisciplinary Roles in the Treatment of Breast Lesions: 6. Role of the clinician Fred Pezzulli and Evan Morton; 7. Role of the radiologist - diagnostic; 8. Role of the radiologist - intervention Evan Morton; 9. Role of the pathologist Susan Jormark; 10. Role of the surgeon - biopsies; 11. Surgical treatment of benign breast lesions; 12. Surgical treatment of malignant breast lesions; 13. Role of the plastic surgeon Norman H. Schulman.


"This is a very good introduction of breast disease for the beginning student of medicine. It could easily be digested during a rotation on the breast service without overloading the initial student with esoteric information. The highlights are the prolific use of pictures helping to bridge the gap of the assumed reader's limited clinic experience. The section of surgical treatment is a good mini atlas for the student about to observe the operative treatment." Doody's Review Service "...Common Breast Lesions is a welcome addition to currently available textbooks in breast diseases, given its simplicity and high quality. It will provide medical students and residents with a useful tool for the multidisciplinary approach to breast lesions." Oncology
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