Pki: Implementing & Managing E-Security

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Written by the experts at RSA Security, this book will show you how to secure transactions and develop customer trust in e-commerce through the use of PKI technology. Part of the RSA Press Series.


Chapter 1 Introduction to PKI Chapter 2 Intro to Crypto Chapter 3 PKI Basics Chapter 4 Standards Chapter 5 X.509 Chapter 6 PKIX Model Chapter 7 App Use of Certs Chapter 8 Trust Models Chapter 9 Directories Chapter 10 Biomentrics & SC Chapter 11 Privilege Mgmt Chapter 12 Environments & Ops Chapter 13 ROI, Cost of Owner Chapter 14 Legal Considerations


Andrew Nash (Westford, MA) is the Director of PKI Standards and Technologies at RSA Security. Mr. Nash joined RSA in March of 1997. He was one of the architects for the Keon Advanced PKI products line, and is co-chair of the PKI Forum Technical Working Group. Mr. Nash was a Technical Director for the Digital Equipment Corporation engineering group in Australia that dealt with migrating technologies such as Alta Vista Search, Network Computers and Micro Cash Payment systems from Digital's research labs into product development. His background is in Networking protocols and development of Unix Kernel code. Derek Brink (Bedford, MA) joined RSA Security in April 1999. His work has included market and competitive analysis, strategic planning, and product marketing for the company's public-key infrastructure, authentication, services, and intrusion detection products. He also runs the RSA Security Customer Advisory Council. Bill Duane (Bedford, MA) is a Technical Director at RSA Security Inc. Bill joined SDI (Security Dynamics Incorporated) in June of 1996. He is one the architects behind RSA's Keon PKI solution. Bill is also the architect responsible for new token form factors, including Smart Cards and emerging cryptographic devices.
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