Segmental Phonology in Optimality Theory: Constraints and Representations

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Januar 2013



Brings together work by scholars researching the details of featural phonology with optimality theory.


List of contributors; Introduction Linda Lombardy;
Part I. The Content of Representations:
1. Why place and voice are different: constraint-specific alternations in optimality theory Linda Lombardi;
2. Constraints and representations in subsegmental phonology Cheryl Zoll;
3. Phonological contrast and articulatory effort Robert Kirchner;
4. Markedness, segment realization, and locality in spreading Maire Nichiosain and Jaye Padgett;
Part II. The Content of Constraints:
5. Austronesian nasal substitution revisited: what's wrong with *NC (and what's not) Joe Pater;
6. A critical view of licensing by cue: codas and obstruents in Eastern Andalusian Spanish Chip Gerfen;
Part III. The Structure of the Grammar: Approaches to Opacity;
7. Segmental unmarkedness versus input preservation in reduplication Moira Yip;
8. Local conjunction and extending sympathy theory: OCP effects in Yucatec Maya Haruka Fukazawa;
9. Structure preservation and stratal opacity in German Junko Ito and Armin Mester; Index.
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