Egalitarian Politics in the Age of Globalization

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November 2001



In recent years women's movements and democracy movements appear to have been more successful in promoting social equality than labour movements or development movements. Wage gaps between men and women have narrowed. New democracies have flourished. Yet, gaps between the rich and poor remain. Do differences in organization and strategy account for the differences in outcomes? Through in-depth studies of the United States, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, China, and north- and southeast Asia the contributors to this volume provide some thought-provoking answers.


Notes on the Contributors Introduction Globalization and the Double-Movement Hypothesis;
C.N.Murphy Class, Gender, and the Politics of Neoliberal Globalization in the United States;
M.A.Rupert Egalitarian Social Movements in Western Europe: Can They Survive Globalization and the EMU?;
J.Krieger Latin America in an Age of Inequality: Confronting the New 'Utopia';
W.I.Robinson Engendering Change through Egalitarian Movements: The African Experience;
F.C.Steady Egalitarian Responses in Postcommunist Societies: Russia and the Former Soviet Bloc;
J.Dawson Nonsocial Movements and Social Nonmovements in China since 1978;
M.Blecher Capital, Crisis, and Chaos: Indonesia and Malaysia in a Globalizing Era;
C.B.N.Chin &
S.C.Tiwon Migrant Workers' Movements in Japan and South Korea;
K.H.S.Moon Conclusion: Pinpointing the Significance of Women's Empowerment, Recognizing Political Opportunities, Anticipating Transnational Coalitions;
C.N.Murphy References Index


MARC BLECHER Professor of Politics, Oberlin College
CHRISTINE B.N. CHIN Assistant Professor of International Relations, American University, Washington, D.C.
JANE DAWSON Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon
JOEL KRIEGER Norma Wilentz Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College
KATHERINE H.S. MOON Associate Professor of Political Science, Wellesley College
WILLIAM I. ROBINSON Assistant Professor of Sociology, New Mexico State University
MARK A. RUPERT Associate Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University
FILOMENA CHIOMA STEADY Professor of Chair of African Studies, Wellesley College
SYLVIA C. TIWON Associate Professor of Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley
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