Culture Wars: Secular-Catholic Conflict in Nineteenth-Century Europe

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Juli 2003



Twelve essays from a team of European experts examine the struggle that broke out between secular and religious forces in late nineteenth-century Europe. They highlight the role of trans-national forces and their interaction with local conditions. This collection combines an account of the impact of secular-religious strife, at the level of high politics, with case studies that elucidate the meaning of culture war for specific regions and communities.


List of illustrations; List of contributors; Introduction: the European culture wars Christopher Clark and Wolfram Kaiser; 1. The New Catholicism and the European culture wars Christopher Clark; 2. 'Clericalism - that is our enemy!': European anticlericalism and the culture wars Wolfram Kaiser; 3. 'Priest hits girl': on the front line in the 'war of the two Frances' James McMillan; 4. The battle for monasteries, cemeteries and schools: Belgium Els Witte; 5. Contested rituals and the battle for public space: the Netherlands Peter Jan Margry and Henk te Velde; 6. Nonconformity, clericalism and 'Englishness': the United Kingdom J. P. Parry; 7. The assault on the city of the Levites: Spain Julio de la Cueva; 8. Roma o morte: culture wars in Italy Martin Papenheim; 9. Enemies at the gate: the Moabit Klostersturm and the Kulturkampf: Germany Manuel Borutta; 10. Village quarrels and national controversies: Switzerland Heidi Bossard-Borner; 11. The counter-reformation's last stand: Austria Laurence Cole; 12. The uncivil origins of civil marriage: Hungary Robert Nemes; Annotated bibliography; Index.


Dr Christopher Clark is Lecturer in Modern European History at the University of Cambridge. Wolfram Kaiser is Professor of European Studies at the University of Portsmouth, UK, and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. He has published numerous books, journal articles and book chapters, especially in the field of European Union history and politics, Christian democracy and the history of globalisation.


'... succeed[s] in raising some fascinating questions about the religious history of Europe.' Church of England Newspaper 'This collection makes an extremely valuable contribution to our understanding of one of the nineteenth century's most important developments.' Contemporary Review '... fascinating reading ... the indispensable work on a neglected subject.' Diocese of Brandon Review ' ... an excellent teaching volume, more useful in many ways than some of the more narrowly focused texts of a particular national field.' Catholic Books Review '... an excellent teaching volume ...'. H-France Book Reviews 'The editors should be commended for assembling an impressively balanced collection ... all contributors reach high standards of research and exposition.' History '...the editors of Culture Wars are to be congratulated for having brought together so many illuminating cases in such a coherent fashion ... Culture Wars is likely to become essential reading for advanced university courses on nineteenth-century European history.' Nations and Nationalism
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