Modernist Fiction, Cosmopolitanism, and the Politics of Community

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In this 2001 book, Jessica Berman claims that modernist fiction engages directly with early twentieth-century transformations of community.


Acknowledgments; Part I. Cosmopolitan Communities; Part II. Henry James: 1. 'The history of the voice': Cosmopolitan's America; 2. Feminizing the nation: woman as cultural icon in late James; Part III. Marcel Proust: 3. Proust, Bernard Lazare and the politics of pariahdom; 4. The community, the prophet and the pariah: relation in A la recherche du temps perdu; Part IV. Virginia Woolf: 5. 'Splinter' and 'mosaic': towards the politics of connection; 6. Of oceans and opposition: the action of The Waves; Part V. Gertrude Stein: 7. Steinian topographies: the making of America; 8. Writing the 'I' that is 'they': Gertrude Stein's community of the subject; Part VI. Conclusion; Notes; Index.


Jessica Berman is Assistant Professor of English and Women's Studies at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.


'A splendid achievement! Berman's argument ... is wholly persuasive. This elegantly written book forces a trenchant rethinking of the underlying social impulses of modernism as a whole.' Laura Doyle, author of Bordering on the Body 'In this substantial, genuinely interdisciplinary and original book, Berman enters important discussions currently re-mapping modernist studies and makes a significant contribution to women's studies. Most notably, she gives us definitions of community that incorporate the private, the domestic, and the lost contributions of small specialized groups.' Bonnie Kime Scott, author of Refiguring Modernism
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