Brain Circuits and Functions of the Mind: Essays in Honor of Roger Wolcott Sperry, Author

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Although this book is written for students and researchers in the fields of psychology and neuroscience, it will hold interest for any reader who is curious about the workings of the mind and the brain.


Contributors; Foreword E. V. Evarts; Editor's preface C. Trevarthen; Part I. Specification of Behavioral Nerve Networks in Invertebrates: 1. Ontogenesis of neuronal nets: the chemoaffinity theory, 1963-1983 R. Levi-Montalcini; 2. The chemoaffinity hypothesis: an appreciation of Roger W. Sperry's contributions to developmental biology R. K. Hunt and W. M. Cowan; 3. Retinotectal connections made through ectopic optic nerves E. Hibbard; 4. Neural reconnection between the eye and the brain in goldfish M. G. Yoon; 5. The case for chemoaffinity in the retinotectal system R. L. Meyer; Part II. Split-Brain Studies of Perception, Motor Coordination, and Learning in Cats and Monkeys, and Comparisons to Humans: 6. The role of the corpus callosum in the representation of the visual field in cortical areas G. Berlucchi and A. Antonini; 7. Studies of visual perception and orienting in cats with fore- and midbrain commissure section J. S. Robinson and T. J. Voneida; 8. Brain pathways in the visual guidance of movement and the behavioral functions of the cerebellum M. E. Glickstein; 9. Intermanual transfer, interhemispheric interaction, and handedness in man and monkeys B. Preilowski; 10. Hemispheric specialization in monkeys C. R. Hamilton; 11. A corticolimbic memory path revealed through its disconnection M. Mishkin and R. R. Phillips; Part III. Cerebral Hemispheres and Human Consciousness: 12. Partial hemispheric independence with the neocommissures intact J. E. Bogen; 13. Regulation and generation of perception in the asymmetric brain J. Levy; 14. The neurobiological basis of hemisphericity H. W. Gordon; 15. Long-term semantic memory in the two cerebral hemispheres D. W. Zaidel; 16. Hughlings Jackson on the recognition of places, persons, and objects O. L. Zangwill and M. A. Wyke; 17. Lessons from cerebral commissurotomy: auditory attention, haptic memory, and visual images in verbal associative-learning B. Milner; 18. The saga of right-hemisphere reading E. Zaidel; 19. The role of the right cerebral hemisphere in evaluating configurations L. I. Benowitz; 20. Growth and education in the hemispheres C. Trevarthen; 21. Hemispheric specialization in the aged brain R. D. Nebes; 22. Forebrain commissurotomy and conscious awareness R. W. Sperry; Appendix A: publications of Roger W. Sperry; Appendix B: students and collaborators of Roger W. Sperry; Index.
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