Agricultural Revolution in England

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April 1996



A comprehensive and accessible survey of English agriculture between 1500 and 1850, written specifically for students.


Preface; A note on weights, measures, money and boundaries; 1. The agricultural revolution; 2. Farming in the sixteenth century; 3. Agricultural output and productivity, 1500-1850; 4. Institutional changes, 1500-1850; 5. The agricultural revolution reconsidered; Guide to further reading; Bibliography.


"Overton's book is a model synthesis of current scholarship, superseding all previous work...Overton lays out traditional arguments and their shortcommings, then presents a clear set of criteria for an agricultural revolution...Charts, tables and maps are usually clear and helpful, the guide to further reading is wonderfully annotated, and there is a very complete bibliography. This book is clearly the starting point for all study of the subject." J.J. Butt, Choice
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Untertitel: The Transformation of the Agrarian Economy 1500-1850. 'Cambridge Studies in Historical Geography'. 29 b/w illus. Sprache: Englisch.
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