Building Application Servers

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Februar 2000



This book will slso be useful to business people working with a software development team. It offers background on the development process and introduces the tools needed to create an effective solution.


Part I. Application Server Architecture: 1. What is an application server and why do I need one ?; 2. Anatomy of an application server; Part II. Design Issues: 3. Designing application servers; 4. Service interface design; 5. Designing business objects; 6. Designing the persistent object layer; 7. Integrating existing systems and legacy software; Part III. Programming: 8. Implementing an application server; 9. Using Java to build business objects; 10. Interfaces and client side communication; 11. Enforcing business rules; 12. Persistent objects - communicating with databases; 13. Concurrency, synchronization and lifecycles; 14. Testing, performance and deployment; 15. Creating an enterprise application architecture.


' ... the examples are excellent ... if you want a single practical book on the subject ... Building Application Servers is highly recommended.' Alan Zeichick, Software Development Times '... clear and well laid out with good explanations ... a useful overview of the many related subjects.' Roger N. lever, Overload 40
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