Computer Architecture and Implementation

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This textbook provides a clear and concise introduction to computer architecture and implementation. Two important themes are interwoven throughout the book. The first is an overview of the major concepts and design philosophies of computer architecture and organization. The second is the early introduction and use of analytic modeling of computer performance. A unique feature of the book is that memory systems are discussed before processor implementations. The book contains many worked examples and over 130 homework exercises. It is an ideal textbook for a one-semester undergraduate course in computer architecture and implementation.


Preface; 1. Computer overview; 2. Performance models and evaluation; 3. User instruction set design; 4. Memory systems; 5. Processor control design; 6. Pipelined processors; 7. Input/output; 8. Extended instruction set architectures.


'... it is of considerable value to electrical engineers wishing to understand the innards of computers'. Alex Shafarenko, Engineering Management '... this is a good book and would make a useful addition to more traditional computer architecture textbooks. Cragon's writing style is accessible and is bolstered by useful context-enhancing 'nuggets' of background information scattered throughout the book.' Fraser Dickin, Measurement, Science and Technology
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