The Poetry of W.H.Auden

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April 2000



In this Readers' Guide, Paul Hendon introduces some critical paths through Auden's demanding poetry by drawing upon material ranging from contemporary reviews and comments by fellow poets, to more recent scholarly and theoretical approaches. There is an overview of Auden's life and works, useful for readers new to the poet, while subsequent chapters discuss key critical themes through selected extracts. Issues such as the ambiguity of Auden's politics, his return to Christian faith, and his attitude to history, criticism, and art are discussed, while the critical arguments surrounding his 'defection' to America and the significance of the increasingly domestic nature of his later work are assessed.


Biographical Summary and Guide through Auden's Works
What Kind of Poet is Auden?
Early Auden: The Making of a Poet
Turning Points
The Longer Poems
The Later Collections
Summary of Critical Texts
Select Bibliography


'I continue to find the Readers' Guides indispensable for teaching - they really give students a sense of criticism having a history' - Professor Rachel Bowlby, University of York
'The series looks really excellent - attractively produced, user friendly; and outstanding value for money' - Ronald Knowles, Reader, University of Reading
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