Shakespeare and Race

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Januar 2012



Draws together thirteen important essays on the concept of race in Shakespeare's drama.


List of illustrations; List of contributors; Editorial note; 1. Surveying 'race' in Shakespeare Margo Hendricks; 2. A portrait of a Moor Bernard Harris; 3. Elizabethans and foreigners G. K. Hunter; 4. 'Spanish' Othello: the making of Shakespeare's Moor Barbara Everett; 5. Shakespeare and the living dramatist Wole Soyinka; 6. Shakespeare in the trenches Balz Engler; 7. Bowdler and Britannia: Shakespeare and the national libido Michael Dobson; 8. 'Shakespur and the Jewbill' James Shapiro; 9. Wilhelm S and Shylock Laurence Lerner; 10. Cruelty, King Lear and the South African Land Act 1913 Martin Orkin; 11. Caliban and Ariel write back Jonathan Bate; 12. Casting black actors: beyond Othellophilia Celia R. Daileader; 13. 'Delicious traffick': racial and religious difference on early modern stages Ania Loomba; Index.


'This collection of essays is extremely useful to the academic working on issues of ethnicity, difference, or national identity in early modern drama ... it is a valuable handbook.' Journal of the Shakespeare Society of Southern Africa
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