German Opera: From the Beginnings to Wagner

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Dezember 2005



This wide-ranging history explores German opera from its primitive origins up to Wagner.


Acknowledgements; List of abbreviations; Map: centres of German opera; 1. Sixteenth-century beginnings; 2. The Thirty Years War and its aftermath; 3. The Hamburg enterprise; 4. Travelling troupes and changing attitudes; 5. From the Seven Years War to the French Revolution; 6. The Viennese Singspiel; 7. Mozart's German operas; 8. From the French Revolution to the turn of the century; 9. French opera in Germany after the Revolution; 10. New critics and singers; 11. Opera in a new century: the first decade (I); 12. Opera in a new century: the first decade (II); 13. The growth of Romantic and grand opera; 14. Romantic opera and grand opera in the 1820s (I); 15. Romantic opera and grand opera in the 1820s (II); 16. Opera in the mid-nineteenth century (I); Opera in the mid-nineteenth century (II); 18. Wagner; Appendix: list of operas; Bibliography; Index.


John Warrack has been the Music Critic of The Sunday Telegraph and Lecturer in Music at the University of Oxford.


'It is impossible to imagine this ground being covered more expertly or succinctly.' Michael Tanner, International Record Review 'Warrack's elegant synthesis of prior scholarship employs subtle and engaging writing ... In the course of the book he retells, always clearly and often drolly, the plots of about 200 mostly little-known operas ... anyone interested in German opera will learn a great deal from Warrack's welcome and accomplished study.' BBC Music 'This latest volume in the Cambridge Studies in Opera [series] is self-recommending, but it can be commended equally to that mythical but good-hearted soul, the general reader who should be educated, diverted and made curious in about equal measure.' Opera 'A brilliantly achieved masterpiece.' Gramophone
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