Personal Coaching

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Personal coaching, where trainers work on a one-to-one basis with employees to develop skills is a growing trend in many organizations. Kaye Thorne applies her accessible style and practical approach to the latest training technique. Developed from skills used by trainers to train senior managers and executives -- where one-to-one coaching is often the norm -- the author shows how the same techniques can transform the effectiveness of staff development at all levels. An ideal tool to assist the current training trend for individual, tailored self-development, the correct use of personal coaching will help organizations to achieve their developmental goals while helping staff in the pursuit of lifelong learning and personal development. Packed with practical advice, case studies and providing a structured route to successful implementation in organizations of all sizes, this book provides the essential handbook for the training of the future.


1. Intro 2. Personal journeys of discovery 3. Holistic approaches 4. The needs of the individual 5. Planning 6. Personal Coaching techniques. 6. Doing it differently 7. Dealing with problems 8. Support 9. Bringing it all together Appendices: Sources of Inspiration, Sources of Further Information, Bibligraphy, Index


Kaye Thorne
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