Human Rights and the Internet

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August 2000



The Internet is having an increasing influence on our lives, but what implications does it hold for human rights? How can it be used to promote and protect them? This book, written by an accomplished group of activists, writers and academics, describes the development and use of the Internet for human rights, examines its impact across the world and upon various sectors of society, and discusses current and future trends in human rights promotion and protection.


Foreword; M.Robinson Preface;
A.Hussein Notes on the Contributors Introduction; E.Halpin, S.Hick & E.Hoskins The Mouse is Mightier than the Sword; L.Axworthy The European Parliament and Human Rights on the Internet; G.Ford Human Rights NGOs: Our Love Hate Relationship with the Internet; P.Whaley Rebel Internet: Human Rights and the New Technology; W.Sharpe Internet Solidarity: Grassroots Movement Struggles for Human Rights; A.Teplinsky & S.Hick Doing Human Rights Online: The Derechos' Cyberbirth; M.Katz & M.Lacabe Information Overload: How Increased Information Flows Affect the Work of the Human Rights Movement; E.Sottas &
B.Schonveld The Internet in Africa: A Turning Point in the Struggle for Human Rights; J.Gauthier Human Rights and the Internet in South America; A.Pacheco Human Rights and the Internet in Europe; G.Lane Human Rights on the Internet in Asia: Promoting the Case of East Timor on the Internet; S.Scharge Hate on the Internet; K.Mock The Internet and International Children's Rights; M.Hecht & R.Neufeld Women's Voices Against the War: The Internet in the Fight for Human Rights During the War in the Former Yugoslavia; D.Knezevic Reflections on the Colour of the Internet; L.Roth Privacy, Free Speech and Community: Applying Human Rights Law to Cyberspace; V.Steeves Political Control and the Internet; S.Wright Communication, Human Rights and Cyberspace; M.Conley &
C.Patterson Human Rights Education and the Internet: Its Day Has Come; R.P. Claude & S.Hick Information: An Essential Tool for Human Rights Work; E.Halpin & S.Hick Index


Edited By Steven Hick, Edward F. Halpin and Eric Hoskins
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