Intervention and Transnationalism in Africa: Global-Local Networks of Power

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Contributory volume considering how global forces establish networks of power across Africa.


1. Introduction Robert Latham, Ronald Kassimir and Thomas Callaghy; Part I. Historical Dimensions and Conceptual Frameworks: 2. Networks, moral discourse and history Frederick Cooper; 3. Defining transboundary connections: international arenas, translocal networks and transterritorial deployments Robert Latham; 4. Producing local politics: governance, representation and non-state organization in Africa Ronald Kassimir; Part II. Transboundary Networks, States and Civil Societies: 5. Networks and governance in Africa: innovation in debt regime Thomas Callaghy; 6. When networks blind: human rights and politics in Kenya Hans Peter Schmitz; 7. Global, state and local intersections: a study of power, authority and conflict in the Niger Delta oil communities CyrilI Obi; Part III. Political Economies of Violence and Authority: 8. How sovereignty matters: global markets and political economy of local politics in weak studies William Reno; 9. Post-modern warfare in Sierra Leone? Recovering the local and social in global-local constructions of violence Paul Richards and Caspar Fithen; 10. New sovereigns? The frontiers of wealth creation and regulatory authority in the Chad Basin Janet Roitman; 11. Out of the shadows Carolyn Nordstrom; Part IV. Reflections: 12. Authority and interventions in world politics Michael Barnett; 13. Toward a new research agenda Ronald Kassimir and Robert Latham.


'The book under review is a profoundly satisfying volume ... and deserves wide attention ... This is a good book and deserves to be on the bookshelf of any serious Africanist. The chapters are admirable as stand-alone pieces that might be used in the classroom and the last chapter on a future research agenda should give many a graduate student inspiration and reflection.' International Affairs 'The book contains chapters on a wide range of transboundary phenomena: both legal and illegal, state and non-state, including the UN and international financial institutions (Barnett, Latham, Callaghy); illicit trade in diamond and weapons (Nordstrom, Reno): human rights (obi); private security firms and mercenaries (Reno, Roitman): and NGOs (Callaghy, Schmitz, Obi). It is a highly stimulating book which should be essential reading for students of African politics, international relations and globalization alike.' Journal of Peace Research 'This is an excellent collection ... a fascinating examination ... this book attempts something different ... this provides a core reading for all scholars interested in Africa and the global system.' Modern African Studies
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