Management Consultancy: What Next?

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November 2001



This book is a substantial re-write of the author's earlier book on management consultancy that has established itself as a leading book on this topic. This re-write focuses upon the analysis of the impact of e-business on the consulting industry as well as examining the changing structure of the industry and emerging segmentation. It also includes recent material on the efforts of consulting firms to manage knowledge more effectively and includes new and more examples and interviews.


Introduction Changes in the Client-Consultant Relationship Consultancy in the Next Decade Innovation: the Over-Production of Truth Managing Existing Intellectual Capital Alliances and Networks Branding Specialisation Changing Balance of People and Technology Globalisation The Polarisation of Consulting Styles From Advising to Doing


FIONA CZERNIAWSKA is Founder and Managing Director of Arkimeda, specialising in research and consultancy for consulting companies. She is also Director of the Management Consultancies Association's Think Tank in the UK, and lectures at London Business School and other European business schools. As a management consultant of long-standing experience, she has worked with many top companies. She is the author of Management Consultancy in the 21st Century, Corporate Speak and Business in a Virtual World (with Gavin Potter).


'There are stimulating ideas on virtually every page.' - David Maister, author of Managing the Professional Service Firm
'When economic historians come to write the final chapter of capitalism Fiona Czerniawska's entrepreneurial prowess will probably get a mention.'
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