Maitland: State, Trust and Corporation

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November 2003



Maitland's late, great essays on the historical origins of the state.


Editors' introduction; Note on the text; Bibliographical notes; Biographical notes; Glossary of technical terms; Preface; The Essays. 1. The corporation sole; 2. The Crown as corporation; 3. The unincorporate body; 4. Moral personality and legal personality; 5. Trust and corporation; Index.


Frederic William Maitland (1850-1906): late Downing Professor of the Laws of England in the University of Cambridge, arguably the greatest of all British historians, and a major voice in political theory. University Lecturer in Political Theory at the University of Cambridge and author of Pluralism and the Personality of the State (Cambridge, 1997). Lecturer in Late Medieval Studies at the Warburg Institute, London, and a Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford


'... interesting and relevant for political theorists.' Political Studies Review 'This delightful collection of essays in the Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought series is warmly to be welcomed. The effect is impressive. The book sheds considerable light on Maitland's interest in groups and its significance for political theorists and historians of political thought, in particular. The Cambridge edition is as much a tribute to the editors' erudition as it is to Maitland's. The greatly improved accessibility of all the essays is a boon to those interested in questions of law and the state, liberty and groups, and the adaptation of legal theory to life, in a historical and contemporary context.' History of Political Thought
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