Babylon to Voyager and Beyond: A History of Planetary Astronomy

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Mai 2003



The story of planetary research from ancient astronomers to more recent spacecraft missions.


Preface; Introduction; 1. The ancients; 2. Copernicus and the new cosmology; 3. Kepler and Galileo - the fall of epicycles and the start of telescopic astronomy; 4. The mid and late seventeenth century; 5. Consolidation; 6. The solar system expands; 7. The inner solar system in the nineteenth century; 8. The outer solar system in the nineteenth century; 9. Quiet interlude - the twentieth century prior to the space age; 10. The space age - terrestrial planets; 11. The space age - the outer planets; Glossary; Bibliography; Units; Name index; Subject index.


David Leverington held a variety of senior positions in the space industry, and is now retired.


'David Leverington has written a comprehensive, readable, and accessible history of planetary astronomy which will engross astronomers, historians of science and anyone with an interest in science. I recommend it.' The Observatory '... I shall be using this book extensively as a definitive text and recommending it wholeheartedly to my students.' Astronomy Now 'As a reference on the history of planetary science, describing how today's scientific knowledge was attained, this book is very good.' Journal of the British Astronomical Association 'Leverington has provided us with a book containing a vast amount of detail charting the progression of humanity's gradual discovery and understanding of the planetary bodies within our solar system.' Astronomy and Space
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