Adult Behavior Therapy Casebook

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Dezember 1993



Several year~ ago we edited a casebook on behavior therapy with children. The book appeared to fill a gap in the existing child literature and was quite well received. A similar gap appears to exist in the behavioral literature for adult cases, in that there are very few adult case books currently available. The present book was developed in order to devote an entire casebook to both standard and more innovative clinical applications of behavioral treatments to adult problems. The book, containing 19 chapters, is divided into two parts. In the first part, in a chapter entitled Clinical Considerations, we discuss a variety of clinical issues that are of importance to designing and executing behaviorally based interventions with adults. The bulk of the book, the remaining 18 chap­ ters, contains a variety of cases presented by our experts. Each of the treatment cases is presented using the same format in order to increase consistency and comparability across chapters. Specific sections for each chapter are as follows: (1) Description of the Disorder, (2) Case Identification, (3) Presenting Complaints, (4) History, (5) Assessment, (6) Se­ lection of Treatment, (7) Course of Treatment, (8) Termination, (9) Follow-up, and (10) Overall Evaluation. Thanks are extended to our many expert contributors, without whom this book would not be possible. We also wish to acknowledge the technical support of Mrs. Kim Sterner. Finally, we thank our editor at Plenum, Eliot Werner, for his support and forbearance in the face of the inevitable delays.


1. Clinical Considerations; C.G. Last, M. Hersen. Clinical Cases:
2. Schizophrenia; P.W. McGuffin, R.L. Morrison.
3. Major Depression; I.W. Miller, et al.
4. Dysthymic Disorder; M.A. Mercier.
5. Alcohol Dependence and Abuse; T.J. O'Farrell.
6. Nicotine Dependence; P. O'Hara
7. Somatization Disorder; J. Baker, P. Cinciripini.
8. Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia; S.L. Williams, B. Laberge.
9. Social Phobia; D.A. Hope, R.G. Heimberg
10. Simple Phobia; F.D. McGlynn, T. Vopat.
11. Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Combined Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Therapy; G. Butler.
12. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; H. Hiss, E.B. Foa.
13. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder; F.W. Weathers, T.M. Keane.
14. Bulimia Nervosa; D.M. Garnerr.
15. Low Sexual Desire Disorder; J.G. Beck.
16. Exhibitionism B.M. Maletsky.
17. Pedophilia; A. Eccles, W.L. Marshall.
18. Primary Insomnia; M. Engel-Friedman.
19. Pathological Gambling; R.A. McCormick. Index.


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