Architecture and Protocols for High-Speed Networks

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Oktober 1994



Multimedia data streams will form a major part of the new generation of applications in high-speed networks. Continuous media streams, however, require transmission with guaranteed performance. In addition, many multimedia applications will require peer-to-multipeer communication. Guaranteed performance can only be provided with resource reservation in the network, and efficient multipeer communication must be based on multicast support in the lower layers of the network. Architecture and Protocols for High-Speed Networks focuses on techniques for building the networks that will meet the needs of these multimedia applications. In particular two areas of current research interest in such communication systems are covered in depth. These are the protocol related aspects, such as switched networks, ATM, MAC layer, network and transport layer; and the services and applications. Architecture and Protocols for High-Speed Networks contains contributions from leading world experts, giving the most up-to-date research available. It is an essential reference for all professionals, engineers and researchers working in the area of high-speed networks.


1: Size and Speed Insensitive Distributed Queue Network; Z.L. Budrikis, A. Cantoni, J.L. Hullett. 2: High Performance Access Mechanisms for Slotted Rings; S. Breuer, T. Meuser, O. Spaniol. 3: Implementation and Performance Analysis of a MAC Protocol for an ATM Network; T. Apel, C. Blondia, O. Casals, J. Garcia, K. Uhde. 4: Fast Resource Management in ATM Networks; P.E. Boyer. 5: Flow Control and Switching Strategy for Preventing Congestion in Multistage Networks; A. Pombortsis, I. Vlahavas. 6: Performance Modeling and Control of ATM Networks; J.W. Mark. 7: Discrete-Time Analysis of Usage Parameter Control Functions in ATM Systems; P. Trans-Gia. 8: Parallel Processing Protocols; M. Björkman, P. Gunningberg. 9: AMTP: Towards a High Performance and Configurable Multipeer Transfer Service; B. Heinrichs. 10: An Internetworking Architecture for Multimedia Communication over Heterogeneous Networks; M. Graf, H.J. Stüttgen. 11: From Best Effort to Enhanced QoS; A. Danthine, O. Bonaventure. 12: End-System QoS Management of Multimedia Applications; W. Tawbi, A. Fladenmuller, E. Horlait. 13: Supporting Continuous Media Applications in a Micro-Kernel Environment; G. Coulson, G.S. Blair, P. Robin, D. Shepherd. 14: Human Perception of Audio-Visual Skew; R. Steinmetz. 15: Cinema -- an Architecture for Distributed Multimedia Applications; K. Rothermel, I. Barth, T. Helbig. 16: Application Layer Issues for Digital Movies in High-Speed Networks; W. Effelsberg, B. Lamparter, R.Keller.
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