Microwave Integrated Circuits

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Microwave Integrated Circuits provides a comprehensive overview of analysis and design methods for integrated circuits and devices in microwave systems. Passive and active devices, and linear and non-linear circuits are covered with a final chapter detailing measurement and test techniques.


1 Introduction.- References.- 2 Analysis of passive circuit elements.- 2.1 Transmission Lines for Microwave Integrated Circuits.- 2.1.1 Basic characteristics of homogeneous transmission lines.- 2.1.2 Microstrip lines.- 2.1.3 Suspended and inverted microstrip line.- 2.1.4 Coplanar line.- 2.1.5 Slot-line.- 2.1.6 Fin-line.- 2.1.7 Coupled lines.- 2.1.8 Methods of homogeneous line analysis.- 2.2 Discontinuities by M. Pavel.- 2.2.1 Characteristics of discontinuities and their use in MIC.- 2.2.2 Methods of discontinuity analysis.- 2.2.3 Microstrip discontinuities.- 2.2.4 Discontinuities in other transmission lines for MIC.- 2.3 Lumped elements.- 2.3.1 Use of lumped elements.- 2.3.2 Capacitive elements.- 2.3.3 Inductive elements.- 2.3.4 Resistive elements.- References.- 3 Modelling of active semiconductor circuit elements.- 3.1 Schottky-barrier diodes.- 3.2 Varactor diodes.- 3.3 p-i-n diodes.- 3.4 Bipolar transistors.- 3.5 MESFETs.- 3.6 HEMTs.- References.- 4 Basic circuits.- 4.1 Methods of the MIC synthesis by I. Kneppo and J. Fabian.- 4.1.1 The matrix representation.- 4.1.2 Network matrix decomposition.- 4.1.3 Synthesis of n-port on the base of elementary two-ports.- 4.1.4 Nonlinear MICs.- 4.2 Basic linear circuits by P. BezouSek, F. Hrní?ko and M. Pavel.- 4.2.1 Non-reflecting termination.- 4.2.2 Resonators.- 4.2.3 Matching transformers.- 4.2.4 Low-pass filter.- 4.2.5 RF chokes.- 4.2.6 Band-pass filters.- 4.2.7 Attenuators.- 4.2.8 Power dividers.- 4.2.9 Directional coupling and hybrid elements.- 4.2.10 Differential phase shifter.- 4.2.11 Baluns and magic-tee.- 4.3 Basic active non-linear circuits by P. BezouSek, F. Hrní?ko and M. Pavel.- 4.3.1 Detectors.- 4.3.2 Mixers.- 4.3.3 Oscillators.- 4.3.4 Amplifiers.- Low-noise amplifiers.- Power amplifiers.- References.- 5 Measuring and testing.- 5.1 Incorporation of the MIC measured into the measuring system: Microwave test fixtures and probes.- 5.2 Measurement techniques.- 5.2.1 S-parameter measurement.- 5.2.2 Noise measurement.- References.
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