Climate Change 2001: Mitigation: Contribution of Working Group III to the Third Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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Some issues addressed in this Working Group III volume are mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, managing biological carbon reservoirs, geo-engineering, costing methods, and decision-making frameworks.


Summary for policy makers; Technical summary; Introduction; 1. Scope of the report; 2. Greenhouse gas emissions: mitigation scenarios and implications; 3. Technological and economic potential of GHG emissions reduction; 4. Technological and economic potential of options to enhance, maintain and manage biological carbon reservoirs and geo-engineering; 5. Barriers, opportunities and market potential of technologies and practices; 6. Policies, measures and instruments; 7. Costing methodologies for mitigation; 8. Global, regional and national costs and ancillary benefits of mitigation; 9. Sector costs and ancillary benefits of mitigation; 10. Decision making frameworks; Index.


'The detail is truly amazing ... invaluable works of reference ... no reference or science library should be without a set ... unreservedly recommended to all readers.' Peter Rogers, The Journal of Meteorology 'This well-edited set of three volumes will surely be the standard reference for nearly all arguments related with global warming and climate change in the next years. It should not be missing in the libraries of atmospheric and climate research institutes and those administrative and political institutions which have to deal with global change and sustainable development.' Stefan Emeis, Meteorologische Zeitschrift 'Whether the reader is a proponent of greenhouse-gas induced climatic change or a sceptic, the weight of evidence presented, the authority that IPCC commands and the breadth of view can hardly fail to impress and earn respect. Each of the volumes is essentially a remarkable work of reference, containing a plethora of information and copious bibliographies, mostly of post 1995 papers. There can be few natural scientist who will not want to have at least one of these volumes to hand on their bookshelves, at least until further research renders the details outdated by the time of the next survey.' The Holocene
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